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Hello and Welcome to our Website
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Hello and Welcome, to the medal race section of Go Virtual Runner.  After a race we all like a brand new shiny medal to reward us for our hard work.

Sometimes finding the time or a race locally can be difficult. Not with Go Virtual Runner, just sign up for one of our Virtual Medal Races, these are races that you can run anywhere, anytime! All you have to do is the distance. You can run it down the park, on the treadmill or even whilst competing in another race.  Just run the distance, send in your proof* before the end of the month and we will send you a brand new shiny medal for all your hard work.  

As an added bonus each race has a nominated charity and 20% of your entry fee will be donated to that charity (apart from the Lucky Dip Race). We can ship abroad (extra costs involved).



Run 5km, 10km or Half Marathon and earn one of these amazing medals. This is race is only £6.00 entry and as the name suggests run the distance, send in your proof* and we will send you one fo these medals. Get involved, get fit.


Lucky Dip Medal Run

Lucky Dip medal, only £6.00 to enter. Run 5km, 10km or half marathon during 2018 and we will send you one of these amazing Medals.

Lucky Dip Medal


Personal Best Medal

As runners we all want to beat our personal best. Here at Go Virtual Runner we have a fantastic Medal Race just for you. Just sign up and tell us what your present Personal Best is, as soon as you beat this send in your proof* and we will send you a brand new personalised medal which will take pride of place in collection, showing your new time in all its glory.


20% of the entry of  this race will go to the British Heart Foundation.

Personal Best Medal

Sign up for the Personal Best Medal, Beat your Personal Best and earn a fantastic personalised medal.
If you ordering from the E/U please firstly select the distance and then also select the £5.00 postage.
If Worldwide please select the distance first and then £7.50 postage.

Distance to Run

SANDS Charity Virtual Run

This is a charity very close to Paul's heart. Sands provide support for anyone effecting by a death of a baby, offer bereavement support and are working to reduce baby death.  It is £10.00 to enter, with all entrant fees going to the charity. To earn this fantastic medal sign up and run 5km, 10km or half marathon and send in your proof*. You can do the distance Anytime, Anywhere it does not matter and that is the beauty of a Virtual Run. You can do it at the local park, before or after work, after you have picked the children up from School, you decide.



Run to help Sands charity Neonatal and Stillborn Baby death charity. All entrants fess will go to charity, the full £10.00

Sands Virtual Run

*We will require proof of the time and distance, we will accept proof from a mobile app or GPS watch like a Garmin. We also require before the end of the month. If in doubt just get in touch.

Run Anywhere, Anytime!

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